Mikey wasn’t in yesterday, he went fishing.

It’s got more of a buzz in the studio when he’s in, so it was a bit somber. I’m reasonably pleased with the piece I did, but nothing is perfect and it’s good to look at where you can improve.

I’m really enjoying the Paulo Cruz propen I got from Mikey. The more I use it, the easier it gets and it was pretty easy to start with. I must admit I’m a bit gutted I didn’t try it sooner, but I’m a bit scared of new things. My favourite things are old. Cars, watches, people even. Not too old though, as a lot of old people are seriously rude. They walk into you and don’t apologise. You hold a door open for them and they don’t appreciate it, they drive too slowly and they are widespread in our village and Newport Pagnell. I’ve seen a lot in the doctors waiting room too. There’s always a few hundred in there. You know by the parking that they’ve arrived.

The only down side to this new tattoo machine, is that I now have to buy cartridges for it, which combine a grip and needle into one small cartridge. No need for boxes of needles and grips. It’s just a bit of a shame that I have so bloody many of them.

My mind never switches off, which is annoying a lot of the time, but creative. So, now I’ve typed about cars and watches, I now want new ones. But, I need a holiday a whole lot more.

It’s great to see people supporting the semi-colon tattoo project. Mikey is going to help me on the 22nd of December, when we hold the charity tattoo day, so that’s potentially doubled the numbers!

I’m going to work for a bit today, to do all the jobs I’ve been putting off. Then I’m going to draw some sausage dogs for Dawn, my neighbour at Pigments. Picasso had a sausage dog and did a famous line drawing of him, so I’m using that as my starting point.

I want to tattoo more animals and more faces!

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