I know we’re not supposed to moan about the heat, but I’m past that now. It can piss off and stay pissed off. I pay good money to go on holiday to get burnt and sweat like a kid in a Nike factory, so I don’t expect it at work.

It’s hard enough getting tattooed in normal conditions, as most people overheat, but at the moment it’s tough. The fans help a lot, but after a day or two of the studio, or house, warming up, they just blow warm air around really. They’re great and I wouldn’t be without them, but we need air conditioning if it’s going to continue like this each year, which they say it will, but they say a lot of things and I suspect most of it isn’t true, just what they want us to hear.

Love Trump or hate him, he’s banging on about fake news because he was bombarded with it during the election. He knows it’s all bollocks and he’s too narcissistic to do what he’s told, so he just tells it like it is.

Anyway, I hate Teresa May, just so you know. And organised religion, as it’s all the same story. The shit-storm it causes is sickening and people banging on about Jesus.

They probably don’t even know that Jesus wasn’t born in December. It was October, I think. Or maybe September, but not December. That was the pagan winter solstice, but the Christians took it over and fucked it really.

What the fuck are we fighting for? It’s all made up anyway. It’s less believable than Father Christmas for fucks sake. Oh and the Roman’s must’ve been a bit thick, as when they wrote about Jesus, they just said he was a proper nuisance and not the son of god, or did miracles and followed god etc. You couldn’t make it up, oh, they did.

Back to the studio.

Thank you so much to Natasha Rees and Jamie Stimpson for putting up with the heat today and keeping me and Mikey distracted from the sauna.

Oh and if anyone hears of a beautician or cosmetic tattooist, get in touch, as our new treatment room is almost ready. It upstairs, so it’ll have air con too soon and there’s a kitchen area and toilet etc. Oh and me and Mikey have a chav sized humongous TV on the wall and play movies all day. And a chesterfield to chill on…and air con. Did I mention that? Air con. It may be the only proof that god exists?

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